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There’s lots of ways to get involved with Open House.

Open House Melbourne is an organisation that runs on community. The Weekend event, July Program, regional events, and year-round offering are supported by literally thousands of people who want to make their cities better places to live.

We’ve developed a range of ways for you to become a part of this community, and to support the work of Open House Melbourne as we grow our year-round programming, expand into Regional Victoria, and work to uncover what makes our cities so great.

Open Your Site

At the heart of Open House Melbourne are the buildings and sites that engage the public, year after year. Each year, and in each city, we run expressions of interest for buildings to be included in The Weekend. We’re excited by historical and contemporary buildings, public and private, renowned and unknown.

If you’re interested in opening your building or site, please subscribe to our newsletters to be informed when expressions of interest open each year.

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Volunteers are the backbone of the Open House model. Without their generous support, our programs simply could not run. Each year, we open up expressions of interest for volunteers to help with The Weekend in Melbourne, as well as our regional offerings. The best way to stay informed when we open these call-outs is to subscribe to our email newsletters here.

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In 2018 we launched the Open House Melbourne Membership Program. For our most dedicated community members – those who believe in the mission of shaping better cities through good design – to help us grow the program. So you can finally show your love, and receive some great exclusive benefits.



This is an opportunity for you to support everything we do at Open House, and in the process to gain invaluable insights and exclusive access.